My Batters Box Sluggers
My Batters Box Sluggers
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MBB Sluggers Baseball Club

Here are some of our accomplishments over the years:


MBB Sluggers Team Accomplishments



MBB Sluggers 12U Muir - USSSA State 2nd Place



Our first team was the 2007 12UAA MBB Sluggers


2nd in USSSA State out of 25 teams

2nd in NTBA Spring Tournament

Triple Creek Classic Champions


In 2008 they moved up to 13UAAA


3rd BLD Spring Opener

3rd Memorial Day NIT

3rd Summer Kickoff



they moved up to 14UAAA


North Texas Baseball Alliance Tournament Champions

2nd USSSA Metroplex Opener NIT

2nd First Annual Fire in the Alley

2nd Big 12 Memorial Day Shootout

6th in State out of 32 teams


2010 all players made their high school teams as freshmen. 4 players made Varity as freshmen and 6 players made JV as freshmen.


We added 2 12UAA teams in 2010 while not winning or placing in tournaments they were very competitive with some 3rd 4th and 5th placements.



one of our 12UAA teams moved up to 12UAAA


B-12 Memorial Day Tournament Championship going undefeated

2nd Santa Cop Tournament

3rd Strikes against Cancer

3rd Lone Star Qualifier

2nd State out of 21 teams





TCA Summer Classic Champions

2nd Fourth Annual Spring Classic 4GG

2nd Matt Dozier

2nd St. Patricks Day Shootout

5th State out of 20 teams

3rd Fall State out of 11 teams


13UAA (First Year Select Team)

3rd Battle at BLD out of 12 team

3rd Strikes Against Cancer out of 18 teams

They had 6 other 4th and 5th placements. So very competitive for first season





Third Annual Fall Food Fight Champions

2nd Witches Fly Skeletons Dance




2nd Aint No Tomorrow

3rd Witches Fly Skeletons Dance

11UAA (First Season Team)

3rd Lone Star Tournament out of 19 teams


9UAA (First Season Team)

2nd Super Series Winter National Qualifier


10UAA (First Season Team)

3rd Living The Dream


7UAA Coach Pitch (First Season Team0

Plano Youth Association League Champions

Plano Youth Association End of Season Tournament Champions




12U  - 2nd Place Fall State

1st place Field of Dreams Tournament

2nd Place Triple Crown


13U - 1st Place Plano League


8U - 1st Place McKinney League







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